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Life on Mars (?)

Unless you have been on an extended vacation in some remote location you have no doubt read the headlines or heard the news that life has been found on Mars! On Aug. 7, 1996 NASA released word that evidence of life had been found in a meteorite believed to have come from Mars. The evidence was found on a Potato sized meteorite found in Antarctica in 1986 and known as ALH84001. The two-year investigation of ALH84001, "which was co-led by JSC planetaryscientists Dr. David McKay, Dr. Everett Gibson and Kathie Thomas-Keprta of Lockheed-Martin," concluded that based on chemical analysis the meteorite likely came from Mars. This team "found four clues to the possibility of biological life in less than 2 grams of the meteorite. None of the evidence is conclusive, but the simplest explanation for the combination of all four clues is that Martian biological life had produced them.. The first clue is the Martian origin of the meteorite and the carbonate globules within it; second, the presence of organic compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, third, iron and other compounds that look like those made by bacteria; and finally, pictures of things that look like fossilized bacteria."

Take a moment and notice the underlined words above. It doesn't sound to me like life has been found on Mars. All that can be said that a rock was found in Antarctica, it's origin is unknown and that four possible evidences of past life were found on it. Many voices have been raised to question the conclusions of NASA and company. "Here come the space spin doctors with a billion-dollar bacteria boondoggle," said a statement from Taxpayers for Common Sense.3 "At this point, in my opinion, the biological interpretation is probably unlikely," said William Schopf, an outside expert from the University of California--Los Angeles." So, why would such evidence lead NASA chief Dan Goldin to state: "We're now on the doorstep to the heavens. What a time to be alive!" And cause astronomer Carl Sagan to note, "These findings raise the "possibility of a universe burgeoning with life?" It seems to be a case of emotional enthusiasm running ahead of rational thinking.

The debate about ALH84001 will continue, and some will deem the debate important. But what is most important is that the Word of God reveals that Jesus Christ was not only a living being from another part of the universe, He claimed to be God who transcends the universe. In fact the Bible asserts that He made the universe! Now that is front page news! This information is not based, on clues, evidence, or speculation. Jesus said: "Thy Word is truth." There are no doubts about its claims, it has never been proven wrong, the Bible is 100% reliable. Perhaps we need more who study the claims of Christ and God's guidebook for life. You don't even need an advance degree or work for a government-supported agency to do that. Just open you Bible and have at it. Give it a try before the day is out, and in the days to follow.

Jesse Waggoner
Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

©1997 Calvary Baptist Church

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