Does it ever seem as if you spend half your life in the car going to work or running other places and the other half driving home? It seems like our automobiles have become much more than a means of transportation. They have become our dining room as we munch on fast food from the drive-thru. We talk on cell phones while we wait at traffic lights, and it scares me to mention the folks that I have seen doing everything from putting on makeup to reading the newspaper behind the wheel. Our cars have become our entertainment centers as well. We listen to our favorite music piped through the onboard stereo, and many family vans now come equipped with televisions and video cassette recorders.

Perhaps some of this activity has come about because we are trying to redeem the time on the road for more productive purposes. That is not a bad idea. How about praying your way to work. I believe most would admit that few of us are completely pleased with our prayer time. Why not turn your commute into a journey of prayer. Now if you normally commute with someone else in the car or in a car pool this may be even more difficult but perhaps when there is lull in the conversation you can spend some time praying. If you normally travel alone you have an even greater opportunity.

First of all, think of some landmarks along the way and tie them to specific categories of prayer. For instance, if you normally cross a bridge that can be a good time for confession. Think about those things your conscience and the Holy Spirit have prompted them about and tell God all about them. Then claim his promise that our sins are cast into the depths of the sea.

If you have a particularly scenic spot on your way, this could be the spot that you remind yourself to thank and praise God for His goodness and involvement in your life.

As you pass a residential section, let this be your landmark to pray for others. Pray for your family, church family, and neighbors.

If you pass a place you normally wouldn't frequent such as a bar or night club, let this be a reminder to pray for those who are lost. Pray that the Spirit of God would convict them and that He would allow you the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

Do you pass a church? Be reminded to pray for your pastor and church leaders. Pray for missionaries that serving faithfully in the harvest fields of the world. Allow a public building or school or a police car to remind you to pray for your country. Pray for the leaders and pray for divine direction in the affairs of government.

Lastly, pray for yourself that God will give you strength for what lies ahead. Allow your daily journey to become a spiritual journey has well.

Jesse Waggoner
Pastor of Adult Ministries

©2000 Bible Center Church

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