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Fellowship with God:

God desires to have a genuine relationship with His people. This study will reveal God's heart as we study the covenant He instituted with Israel.  This study will demonstrate God's desire to fellowship with you as well as the roadblocks to our enjoying His presence.  You will also find out how to start over in your life with Him.  Need a little more God in your daily life?  This is the study for you.


    Fellowship with God (Exodus 24: 1-11)
    Audio (MP3)  Video (Mp4) Notes (pdf)
   Spiritual Substitutes (Exodus 32:1-35)
   Audio (MP3)  Video (Mp4) Notes (pdf)
    Starting Over (Exodus 33:12-23)
    Audio (MP3)  Video (Mp4) Notes (pdf)
    The Heart of the Matter (Jeremiah 31: 30-34)
    Audio (MP3) Video (Mp4)  Notes (pdf)